Mass Recruitment

Use a set of solutions for mass recruitment.
When a company has to hire a large number of specialists within short time, the usual recruiting tactics turn out to be powerless.
Rekadro proposes candidates already from the second day of work, arranging flow incoming flow of candidates up to 50 people per day.

Advantages of cooperation with Rekadro

  Development and implementation of a large-scale advertising campaign by Rekadro, including high-tech advertising
  Automated selection technologies that increase the efficiency and quality of the candidates flow: Rekadro Autorecruiter is able to select candidates, offer a position to a candidate, conduct primary telephone selection and invite a candidate for a personal interview.
  Crowdsourcing technologies for attracting candidates
  Automated quality control and cutting-edge project analytics
  Experience in mass recruitment projects with headcount over 700 people since 2006

What are the benefits for customers?

2 days before presenting first candidates
15 effective search sources
60 calendar days - minimum replacement period guarantee
Examples of mass recruitment projects

• Specialists of office, warehouse, production, 600 people, international car manufacturer, Kaluga region

• Cashiers for a toll road - 30 people

• Assistants and specialists with knowledge of a foreign language at the start-up stage, 170 people, international car manufacturer, Nizhny Novgorod.

• Electric sewing-machine operator, operators of the production line, 160 people, international manufacturer of automotive components, St. Petersburg

• Toolmaker - qualified worker, 10 people, international manufacturer of automotive components, the Republic of Tatarstan

• Production line operator, 25 people, international manufacturer of automotive components, Kaluga Region

• Packer, 15 people, international producer of food ingredients, Moscow Region

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