HR surveys & analytics

Labor market research and HR analytics are Rekadro key activities implemented systematically through the research & information center.
Rekadro offers Customers up-to-date statistical and analytical information about labor market.

Research areas:

Salary and C&B Surveys

  • Cross-industry salary and C&B surveys (research of labor market of a specific region by main economic and demographic indicators, analysis of the market of salary, C&B)
  • Industry salary and C&B surveys (salary, C&B in a specific industry - all over Russia or in a specific region)
  • Specialized salary survey (survey of  salary and C&B for a specific position in the companies choosen by the Customer)

Socio-economic indicators and market development forecasts

  • Demographic and social policy, situation in the region
  • Migration policy, migration flows
  • Education
  • HR policy of companies in the region
  • Investment policy and new companies in the region
  • General assessment of the potential of labor resources. Labor market trends
  • SWOT analysis of the regional labor market

HR-brand of the company and employees' satisfaction

  • Employees' satisfaction with the work in the company
  • HR-brand awareness
  • Advanced analysis of HR-brand in the regional markets (popularity, comparative competitive analysis, rating of companies, recommendations for the development of HR-brand)

Research of market trends and its development in dynamics

  • Survey of employers and residents of the Russian Federation (demand for employees, sources of recruitment, work with post-graduates, motivation, demand for benefits and compensation, labor mobility)
  • Open research on current topics of the market (the effectiveness of advertising sources in recruitment, migration work, industry trends in the education market)

Advantages of cooperation with Rekadro

  Experience in labor market research and HR analytics since 1999
  Research & Information Center across Russia
    Survey design for the Customer’s needs
   Automated output and processing of big data

What are the benefits for customers?

5 days for labor market survey for a specific position
130+ positions with ready-to-use analytics
Up to 30% cost reduction for large-scale research
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