Employer's questions What guarantees for the services do you provide?
The recruitment services are guaranteed free one-time replacement. The replacement period (the period during which we have the obligation to replace, if the employee leaves or you dismiss him/her; it is calculated from the date the candidate started to work) ranges from 60 to 180 calendar days and depends on the position level and payment terms chosen by you.
Employer's questions How to pay for services?
There are various payment systems, and you can choose the most profitable for you:
  • prepayment. By making a prepayment of 30% at the conclusion of the contract, you get a discount on the initial fee, the remaining part of the fee is paid after the candidate starts to work;
  • postpayment - payment 100% of the fee after the candidate starts to work. Unfortunately, we do not offer a price reduction with this payment condition.
Employer's questions If you do not find me an employee?
We have a high-quality database of different profile specialists and proven search technologies. Before deciding to accept an order, we estimate the possibility of its fulfillment. If the order couldn’t be fulfilled, we would not take it into production as we have obligations under the contract and receive full payment for our services only after the candidate starts to work. It takes more time for recruitment with special complexity of the order, but our work is considered completed only if the candidate starts to work in your company - we work for the result.
Employer's questions How can you assess a specialist if you are not professionals in this field?
In order to correctly select and assess a specialist, it is not necessary to have a specialized education or work experience, it is much more important to know the selection technologies (projective, case-interviews, assessment center).
Yes, it is not so easy to assess a highly qualified employee, but we have a specialization for this purpose: your order will be fulfilled by a consultant who has experience in finding similar specialists and knows the market. In addition, Rekadro can apply professional testing.
Employer's questions What methods of personnel search can I use on my own while working with you?
If the contract does not imply exclusive terms, you can use any search methods.
An exclusive contract implies that only Rekadro searches for personnel for the oredered positions. Why is it profitable? First, there are significant discounts on services. Secondly, the high responsibility of the agency and the very high motivation of the consultant to work on your positions. Under such contracts, Customers receive VIP-service from Rekadro.
Employer's questions What documents are issued for recruitment?
We conclude an agreement for recruitment services, an application is attached to the agreement, which we fill out with you. The application details all your requirements for candidates, which we will the basis search.
Upon the candidate’s start to work, you receive a complete set of documents - an invoice, a certificate of rendered services acceptance.
Employer's questions How long do you search for candidates?
The deadline for completing an order depends on a number of factors - the situation on the labor market of a particular region and on a particular position, procedure and terms of assess by the Customer. We present the first candidates within 3-5 days after receiving the order to work on average.
Employer's questions How much do your services cost?
Pricing depends on the service. We are not a cheap recruitment agency, but we also do not overcharge, because we are able to manage our own costs.
Use the fee calculator to determine the basic fee for the service.
Applicant's questions What are your jobs? Where can I find all of them?
During the week, vacancies constantly appear in various cities and areas of activity. Company jobs are published in open sources, jobs on the site are updated weekly.
Applicant's questions What I need to do to give my data to "Rekadro"?
You can fill out a form on the site or send a CV through the site. Send your CV even if you don’t see suitable vacancies on our site! Perhaps very soon we will be able to offer you a promising job. We are interested in receiving CVs, so we are always happy to receive your requests. Your data will be stored and processed in accordance with the Policy on the processing of personal data
Applicant's questions Do I, as a prospective candidate, have to pay for this service?
Your participating participation in the competition for the position and your employment are FREE.
Applicant's questions Why should I send you my CV? I'd rather go directly to the employer...
Today, a significant number of modern large enterprises refer to the services of recruitment agencies, and the recruiters get the most interesting and prestigious vacancies. Therefore, an important factor in building your career is having contacts with consultants from employment agencies.
Applicant's questions How long will my data be in Rekadro Company?
Your data will be stored and processed in accordance with the Policy on the processing of personal data. We make job offers even when we know that you are already employed, and in this case we offer only more promising and well-paid positions. You can either accept or reject our offer.
Applicant's questions How soon will I get a job?
Rekadro cannot guarantee your employment or guide you on the terms of a job offer. This is due to the fact that we work only at the request of our Customers (Companies-Employers), and at the moment we may not have a suitable job for you. When we receive a position, the requirements of which you meet, you will receive information about the proposed vacancy and you will be invited to an interview.

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