Recruit new people for your team with Rekadro, and they will stay with you for a long time. 80% of candidates placed by Rekadro work for our Customers over 3 years. We use innovative search and assessment technologies. Our guarantee period is not less than 100 days.

The advantages of cooperation with Rekadro

Quality selection. Interview those you’ll be satisfied with

You save time if you communicate with candidates we have already selected for you. According to statistics 95% of the candidates we recommend to the Customer are invited for an interview, and 98% of the candidates pass trial period.

We achieve these indicators owing to the methods of personnel search and assessment - this is our joint quality standard, which we evolve every day. Learn more about technology and standards.

Proactive Recruitment. Our methods and personnel search tools

To find the right candidate and provide you a guarantee, we use at least 5 active sources for personnel search.

Rekadro search methods

• Exclusive, updated own database;

• Social networks using automated services;

• Internet search engines, professional forums, blogs;

• Specialized mobile applications;

• Messengers;

• Targeted advertising, audio and video advertisements;

• Rekadro website;

• Educational institutions;

• Direct search;

• Rekadro Referral program;

• Job sites.

Rekadro. Field of Expertise

Due to the internal specialization of consultants, we promptly find personnel for a specific professional sphere:

  • Engineering staff; 
  • IT; 
  • Economics and finance; 
  • Procurement; 
  • Quality; 
  • HR, including HSE; 
  • Logistics and Warehouse; 
  • B2B sales, including technical areas; 
  • Marketing, Advertising, SMM; 
  • Teams for startup projects. 

Our candidates work for a long time

According to statistics, 80% of the employees we place work for the Customers over 3 years. Our competence in search and assessment of candidates allow us to provide reliable and motivated specialists.

Rekadro assessment methods

• Projective techniques and case interview;

• Biographical interview;

• Checking refferals;

• Scanning of profiles in social networks and digital behavior;

• Online services to check safety of candidates;

• Professional testing.

What are the benefits for customers?

5 working days to search for candidates
3 candidates to choose from
100 calendar days - free replacement guarantee
Recruitment projects examples

Engineering staff: R&D manager (food production, Moscow region), instrumentation and automation engineer (mechanical engineering, Moscow); service engineer - chemist (production and supply of chemical products, Moscow), process engineer - a specialist in cataphoresis and liquid coatings (chemical production, Yaroslavl region), chemical analyst (pharmaceutical production, Moscow region);

IT specialists: Programmer (metalworking, Republic of Tatarstan), Java developer (online store, St. Petersburg), leading IT specialist (chemical production, Yaroslavl);

Economics and Finance: financial analyst (consumer electronics production, Vladimir region); financial controller (electronic industry, Moscow), deputy chief accountant (food industry, Kaluga region);

Procurement, logistics, warehouse: procurement specialist (consumer electronics production, Vladimir region), supply chain manager (electronics industry, Kaluga region); Raw Materials Procurement Specialist Russia and Europe (chemical production, Republic of Tatarstan);

Quality: quality engineer (food industry, Moscow region); Specialist in quality management system (chemical industry, Yaroslavl region), engineer in metrology and quality (electronic industry, Moscow)

HR: HR Generalist (production of building materials, Kaluga region), specialist in recruitment and adaptation of personnel, specialist in personnel records management (production of automotive components, St. Petersburg);

B2B sales, marketing: Equipment Sales Manager (technical equipment sales St. Petersburg), Customer Relationship Specialist (chemical production, Ulyanovsk), Internet marketer (agricultural products wholesaler, Moscow Region)

Examples of middle and top management search projects you will find in Executive Search service description.

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