Tops of HR automation

How to automate HR service? This and other issues were discussed by participants of the HR&Technology Expo 2018 conference on April 4-5 in Moscow.
The event brought together expert presentations, workshops, a hackaton and an exhibition of digital solutions.

For two days the main topics were discussed:
  • HR-Tech
  • L&D Ecosystem
  • Personnel for the digital economy
  • Analytics
  • Involvement, Wellbeing, Performance management
  • Security
  • Robots, Bots, AI

The conference began with introductory information about the prospects of personnel in the digital economy and the problems that arise today: the lack of flexibility in professional standards, the difficulty of quickly retraining professions that will be automated, and the increase in the number of graduates of IT areas. All this will be taken into account when developing new strategies.
Many speakers noted the HR sphere as one of the most interested areas for introducing new solutions from different technology stacks: chat bots, artificial intelligence, machine learning, process automation, blockchain, online platforms, analytical tools, augmented and virtual realities.
Chat bots have moved to a new level. These are no longer simple tools for sending a response to a vacancy, and now they are used to make complex and interesting automation of part of the processes: recommendatory services for candidates, a service for requesting financial information from accounting, corporate training programs that first learn the student’s abilities, then offer a personalized training program, and then conduct testing.
Almost nothing was said about Big Data at the conference, now this term was replaced with Machine Learning technology, which is trained on the basis of the data provided, and then later predicts indicators on new incoming data, for example, the data of existing employees are entered into the system, these documents are processed and data analyzed, and then a forecast of each new candidate effectiveness or compatibility with the team is displayed.

Dmitry Yarovoy, Rekadro R&D manager: “After the first wave of popularity of the HR-Tech topic, many companies tried new solutions, tested robots. The gained experience helped the speakers and participants to discuss decisions more concrete at this conference: not only the advantages, but also the disadvantages of such decisions were analyzed. Despite the small number of solutions presented in Russia in HR-Tech, the sphere is rapidly developing, as a result we come to a new vision of HR-Tech solutions and tools that will be not just toys or a trend, but real assistants to HR specialists. Want to know more about new solutions? Contact us!"
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