Rekadro social responsibility

Social responsibility of business today is one of the foundations of the company. Rekadro looks far into the future, and our goal is to make this future as comfortable and successful as possible.

Rekadro's social mission is to shape the life and professional values of future generations:

  • Promoting healthy lifestyles: supporting employees' sports, holding competitions, supporting children's competitions, youth competitions,
  • The development of curiosity, the desire to obtain new knowledge, expanding horizons,
  • Identifying professional inclinations, conducting career guidance seminars and competitions in educational institutions, popularizing professions, supporting professional competitions,
  • Support for young talents in HR: competitions, projects, nominal scholarships.

The rekadro social responsibility program includes financial support for children through charitable foundations. You can help children with Rekadro recommending candidates for our vacancies.

Environmental responsibility - keep the planet clean for future generations:

  • developing a culture of responsible consumption,
  • reducing the use of natural resources, reducing the amount of industrial waste,
  • Eco Office program (compliance with environmental regulations, organized recycling of waste paper, batteries, energy-saving lamps, environmental actions).

Follow the green rules of the eco-office with Rekadro:

  • Turn off the lights in the office when you go out for lunch.
  • Turn off air conditioning when you leave for lunch.
  • Turn off appliances when they are not needed, turn off power filters.
  • During breaks at a computer for more than an hour - for example, when you go to a meeting, lunch break - turn off the monitors with a button, as they consume up to 70% of the total energy required for the operation of the computer.
  • Try to more economical use of paper, print documents on both sides of the page, and for drafts use papers already printed on one side.
  • Discard disposable plastic dishes.
  • No lift! Climb up the stairs!
  • Use eco-bags instead of plastic bags.
  • Buy locally produced goods, the farther away production is, the more fuel owners, dealers and retailers need to transport a particular product. Local goods do not require transportation over long distances,so the amount of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere is much less.

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