HR analytics: how to turn data into a business solution?

The popular trend in HR management development was discussed by the participants of the HR Analytics conference, which took place on November 22 in Moscow.

Reviews of the main trends of HR analytics in Russia and all over the world indicate the high importance and relevance of this area. Most specialists already understand that "You are just a person with your own opinion if you have no data". At the same time surveys show that the level of HR analytics development in domestic companies is low. As a rule, there’s work with operational or extended reporting, statistical modeling is less commonly used and predictive analytics is least used. According to Deloitte, only 34% of enterprises note that the importance of HR analysts in their companies is high, 27% use Excel as a tool for analytics. Some of the difficulties in HR analytics development include:

  • lack of specialists with the necessary set of competencies,combination of functionality, 

  • lack of dedicated specialists,

  • limitations of functional software,

  • lack of standards for entering data into the system.

Analytics in HR is most often used to recruit staff (32%), prepare various reports (11%) and retain staff (7%).

Ekaterina Elendo, participant of the conference: “The core value of the conference was the cases presented in detail by the speakers. In practice, HR sphere began to turn its face to the business and not only to prove its worth, but also to present data for making business decisions. The topics on HR digital transformation, of labor economics management, data in training, motivation, predictive analytics in staff retention were interestingly developed at the conference. The concept of "The Industry 4:0", presented by a special guest Irina Kondratieva, identifies the main challenges of the digital future, the achievement of sustainable leadership and allows us to identify ways of further business development”.

Rekadro's experience proves the effectiveness of using analytics in recruiting. New Rekadro development - "Recruiting Index" - is available for use. We are waiting for your requests!

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